Klinikum Stuttgart: Liver Unit

Its tasks range from composition of vitally important proteins, support of the digestive process to breaking down and excreting toxic substances: The liver is a highly complex and important organ. Equally complex as the liver itself can be the diseases that affect it. The Liver Unit at Klinikum Stuttgart combines the expertise of different medical disciplines such as internists, surgeons, radiologists and nuclear medics. They all work closely together.

An important tool in the patient-centered care is the liver consultation. Every patient will be supervised right from the start through both the diagnostic and therapeutic processes. In addition to the Liver Unit as such, the Eva Mayr-Stihl Foundation also funds further training of doctors – for example in the form of regular endoscopy seminars.

„Without the manifold, generous support
by the Eva-Mayr-Stihl Foundation the establishment of the Liver Unit at the Klinikum Stuttgart would not have been possible.“
Professor Dr.h.c. Wolfram G. Zoller
Medical Director of the Department of General Internal Medicine, Gastroenterology,
Hepatology, Infectiology and Pneumology Katharinenhospital
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