Funding and Co-Operation

Submitting an Application


The Eva Mayr-Stihl Foundation has mainly a sponsoring function. We are therefore generally open to external applications, providing they meet our selection criteria. However, owing to the large number of applications for grants, we concentrate on the areas of science & research and health. In the area of art & culture we mainly pursue our own projects in the Waiblingen/Stuttgart region or address potential partners directly.

1. Preconditions


  • The applicant must be a nonprofit or public institution.
  • The following additional information is required in the case of a legal person under private law (foundation, GmbH, association, etc.):
    1. Purpose of articles of association:
      • Sponsoring science & research and/or
      • sponsoring public health care and the public health service
    2. Current exemption order is available


  • Object of project: Sponsoring science & research and/or sponsoring public health care and the public health service.

Project applications to sponsor art and culture are not accepted. Appropriate project partners are actively selected by the foundation itself.

  • Start of project: No earlier than six weeks after submission of application.
2. Submitting an Application
  • Applications may be submitted online at any time (no deadlines) using the requisite form.
  • The applicant receives a confirmation of receipt after submitting the application.
  • Applications which are listed in the exclusion criteria (see below) will not be processed.
  • The applicant has no right to sponsorship or, in the case of a negative answer, no right to be given an explanation.
3. Examination
  • Processing time: Normally within 4 weeks
  • In the case of queries the foundation contacts the person named on the application (person responsible for handling the project). Questions regarding the status of processing are not answered as a matter of principle.
  • The foundation reserves the right to have applications for grants examined by external experts. The foundation observes strict confidentiality with regard to the expert opinion.
4. Approval
  • The decision regarding the form and extent of a possible grant is made by the foundation board after due assessment of the circumstances.
  • The applicant is notified of a positive sponsoring decisions in the form of a written letter of approval. All other assurances or preliminary notifications of decisions make are not binding.
  • The letter of approval defines the purpose of the grant and the period of support as well as any required documentation (confirmation of receipt of grant, interim report, final report, proof of use, receipts).
  • The foundation’s approval conditions and a form for the release of grant funds are attached to the letter of approval.

expiry of a project sponsorship

Release of funds
Final report

exclusion criteria

Our support is always for a limited period. Furthermore, as a matter of principle we do not sponsor:

  • Individual assistance (e.g. therapy costs or vehicles)
  • Projects which have already been realized
  • Individual scholarships
  • Subsidies for printing expenses

submitting an application