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Environmental and Sustainability Center at Krasnodar University

The Kuban State Agricultural University in Krasnodar (Russia) is getting a new environmental and sustainability center with the support of the Eva Mayr-Stihl Foundation. It is intended to form an international platform for the development and implementation of research and teaching in the field of climatology and environmental protection. The new facility aims to impart knowledge about climate change and promote environmental protection. It is currently unique in southern Russia.

A spacious laboratory area offers space for agricultural research in connection with environmental and nature conservation. Various meteorological measuring stations transmit climate data to the university servers for analysis. This means that climate indicators can be monitored and interpreted in real time from the laboratory.

The researchers are currently developing models for crop rotation and cutting patterns that are optimized for digitization in agriculture from the point of view of environmental protection. They take into account soil structure, irrigation, fertilization or plant protection as well as erosion control or economic and bio indicators.

The offer of the new environmental and sustainability center is aimed at students of all levels: from bachelor's and master's courses to postgraduates, young researchers and international students. Researchers from various disciplines at the university themselves are also expected to show great interest. Around 17,000 students are enrolled at the university. It has an area of ​​174 hectares. This includes, among other things, a botanical garden that can also be used by the Environment and Sustainability Center.