11. International Competition for Song Art Stuttgart

The International Competition for Song Art Stuttgart is one of the oldest and most traditional competitions of its kind in the German-speaking world. But instead of resting on old laurels, the event organized by the International Hugo Wolf Academy proves every two years anew: The combination of tradition and innovation is not a contradiction, but a formula for success.
The concert hall of the Stuttgart University of Music shows what happens when a genre steeped in history and passionate young musicians come together: an inspiring festival! And on top of that a freestyle of the best, which opens amazing views into the glass ball. After all, the current international crème de la crème of song singing has been recruiting for decades from the winners of this competition. In addition, the organizers can write another merit on the flags. Since 2001, the International Hugo Wolf Academy - and this was for many years a unique feature of the Stuttgart - only applications from duos. A groundbreaking change in the rules that put an end to the one-sided focus on singing and raised the awareness that the art form of song stands and falls with the equality of vocal and pianistic parts.

From 18 to 23 September 2018, the International Competition for Song Art Stuttgart, organized by the International Hugo Wolf Academy, took place for the eleventh time. Venue was the State University of Music and Performing Arts Stuttgart. In total, prize money totaling € 35,000 was awarded.

Among others, the competition was supported by the Eva Mayr-Stihl Foundation.

Winner 2018:
1st prize of € 15,000:
Mikhail Timoshenko, bass-baritone (Russia, born 1993) and Elitsa Desseva, piano (Bulgaria, born 1993)
2nd prize of € 10,000:
Alex Rosen, bass (USA, born 1992) and Michał Biel, piano (Poland, born 1990)
3rd prize ex aequo of € 5,000 each:
Irina Jae-Eun Park, soprano (South Korea, born 1987) and Dokyung Han, piano (South Korea, born * 1988)
Klaudia Tandl, mezzo-soprano (Austria, born 1986) and Gisela Jöbstl, piano (Austria, born 1987)

The International Competition for Song Art Stuttgart 2018 was open to singers and pianists of all nations who were born after 31 December 1984. 96 duos from 39 nations competed for this year's competition. 32 duos, ie 64 young artists, are following the invitation of the preliminary jury to the first round in Stuttgart. They are native to Armenia (1), Australia (2), Brazil (1), Brazil / Portugal (1), Bulgaria (1), China (1), Germany (24), Germany / France (1), Estonia (1 ), Finland (2), France (1), Greece (1), United Kingdom (2), Japan (4), South Korea (4), Austria (5), Poland (1), Poland / United Kingdom (1), Russia (1), Switzerland (2), Singapore (1), Slovenia (1), Spain (1), Czech Republic (1), Hungary (3), USA (1).

The jury
Preliminary jury: Birgid Steinberger (Austria), Marcelo Amaral (Brazil / Germany), Cornelius Hauptmann (Germany)
Jury: Susan Manoff (USA / France), Birgid Steinberger (Austria), Olaf Bär (Germany), Werner Güra (Germany), Håkan Hagegård (Sweden), Graham Johnson (Great Britain)
Jury Chairman: Brigitte Fassbaender (Germany)
Competition management: Hans Georg Koch, Patrick Strub


Press release photographs
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The 1. prize went to Mikhail Timoshenko accompanied by Elitsa Desseva. Photo: Reiner Pfisterer
Winners and Jury.
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Prize winners and jury members. Photo: Reiner Pfisterer