Continuation of the Corona funding initiative for clubs in Waiblingen

Last year, the Eva Mayr-Stihl Foundation started an initiative together with the city to promote clubs and associations of Waiblingen in times of Corona. This was intended to preserve the varied cultural life for all citizens. The city and the foundation each made 100,000 euros available. The Waiblinger associations were able to apply for the funds in a simple process, which were paid out quickly and easily.

“The concern, above all, to preserve the cultural life in Waiblingen, continues to exist. That is why we were very open to the idea of ​​a new version of the program, ”explains Michael von Winning, who is responsible for programs and strategy at the Eva Mayr-Stihl Foundation. The promotion of art and culture - especially in Waiblingen - is one of the focal points of the foundation's work.

"The funding initiative for associations, which was carried out jointly by the Eva Mayr-Stihl Foundation and the city in 2020, met with a very positive response from the associations and helped exactly where it was needed," adds Mayor Andreas Hesky. “The financial aid cannot fully compensate for the pandemic-related loss of income of the clubs. But it is a concern of both the foundation and the local council and myself to support the commitment that is made in the associations in these difficult times by sponsoring them. I am very happy and would like to thank the foundation that we can again distribute an amount of 200,000 euros to the associations in 2021 thanks to the joint funding initiative of the foundation and the city. The renewed funding initiative helps ensure that, even after the pandemic, we can count on the voluntary commitment that shapes our sporting, cultural and social life in Waiblingen ”.

As in the previous year, the available funds are put into a joint pot and distributed according to the tried and tested key - taking into account the number of members and requirements. Of course, the amount of funding depends very much on the number of clubs applying for support. “It is still important to us that the help flows quickly and very unbureaucratically. The club's volunteers are already doing a lot in these difficult times - and we want to honor their commitment without creating too much additional effort, ”adds von Winning.

Following the unanimous decision of the municipal council, the Waiblinger associations can now apply for funding using a simple form. The form can now be downloaded from the city and foundation's homepage and must be submitted to the city by June 7th, 2021. The aim is to make the payments to the clubs before the start of the summer holidays, as in the previous year.