Corona rapid tests in the Rems-Murr clinics

With a donation of 100,000 euros, the Eva Mayr-Stihl Foundation supports the Rems-Murr clinics in expanding their capacities for rapid corona tests. After the city of Waiblingen made contact with the local company Bosch Healthcare Solutions, eight new COVID-19 rapid test devices can now be purchased in the Rems-Murr clinics for rapid diagnosis and thus lower infection risks. The Corona rapid tests are CE certified and deliver reliable results according to WHO guidelines in under two and a half hours.

The importance of regional supply chains has been revealed in crises
"After our experiences in the crisis, we made a conscious decision to use rapid test devices from Bosch Healthcare Solutions in order to build up the capacity for rapid tests in the Rems-Murr clinics," explains District Administrator Dr. Richard Sigel. “The crisis has shown that regional supply chains work, but that international dependencies can quickly lead to bottlenecks, as was the case with protective equipment. But of course it also makes us proud when our clinics use state-of-the-art medical equipment from the Rems-Murr district, which is currently in demand worldwide. ”The district administrator particularly appreciates the commitment of the Eva Mayr-Stihl Foundation in the purchase of the eight new rapid test devices: “The donation from the Eva Mayr-Stihl Foundation is a valuable contribution to equipping our clinics even better for the care of patients. This is not a matter of course and I am grateful that the close connection between the district and the Stihl family is once again borne out.”

Technical equipment is just one component for testing
The technical equipment of the clinics with their own test facilities is only one component to enable the most extensive testing possible, especially in sensitive areas such as clinics, the district administrator continues. "Although there has been talk of politics at the federal and state levels for weeks, including testing asymptomatic people, clear and reliable regulations on cost coverage have so far been lacking or are often an obstacle. The future assumption of costs for preventive corona tests, which should finally come with the currently discussed federal regulation, is long overdue. However, the procurement of test kits for our rapid test devices remains a challenge. Global demand is currently exceeding supply. Limited quantities and long waiting times lead to a gap between desire and reality. This has to be bridged before you can finally test, test, test as announced,” said District Administrator Sigel. And there is still a wish that testing in schools and childcare will finally come into focus and be made possible in a model-based manner. "A specific proposal from the counties in the Stuttgart region has been on the table in the responsible ministries for weeks."

The donation is also an expression of the good coexistence in the district
The promotion of public health is one of the focal points of the work of the Eva Mayr-Stihl Foundation. In this special situation, standing up for medical care in the district is obvious for board member Robert Mayr: “We know about the challenges that this Covid 19 pandemic brings with it. We therefore support the clinics in the region with which we have already cooperated in other projects. We also feel closely connected to the city of Waiblingen and the Rems-Murr district. ”

The mediation of the donation and the procurement of the eight rapid test devices supported the city of Waiblingen from the beginning. “There is a close link to Bosch in Waiblingen. The company has geared its production in the city towards the future. The potential in the region and in Waiblingen is known from many company visits. We were able to bring the right contacts together,” said Mayor Andreas Hesky. "This also shows that cohesion in the Rems-Murr district cannot be shaken by crises, or in other words, works reliably in the crisis."

Innovative devices complement protective measures
The Vivalytic test devices from Bosch Healthcare Solutions expand molecular laboratory diagnostics with an innovative analysis method that delivers corona test results within a very short time. This makes it ideal for patients who need to be admitted to the emergency room and quickly tested for a viral infection. The operation of the system is simple and fully automated, so that clinics can carry out a test without laboratory staff.

"We are preparing intensively for the resumption of our predictable and non-urgent treatments," explains Dr. Marc Nickel, managing director of the Rems-Murr clinics. "We attach great importance to existing strict hygiene and protective measures and to extend our tests to the corona virus. With the new devices, we can supplement our existing test capacities, check suspected cases more quickly on the spot and thus directly isolate possible infections. This results in greater security against infection for patients and staff. We would like to thank everyone involved for their donation and commitment. ”

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