First German Forest Science Award network meeting

For the first time, the Eva Mayr-Stihl Foundation invited the winners of the German Forest Science Award to a network meeting in Waiblingen. In addition to getting to know each other and exchanging ideas, the topic of science communication was on the agenda. Using practical examples, the participants shared their experiences with politics and the media. 

Susann Pfeiffer, responsible for funding in the field of science and research at the Eva Mayr-Stihl Foundation, was impressed by the format: "Our hopes have been realised and our expectations have been exceeded: With the Forest Science Award winners, we have created a valuable network of very different expertise, skills and academic CVs relating to forests and forestry. The scientists impressively demonstrate how the Eva Mayr-Stihl Foundation's Forest Science Award supports young careers."

Almost all of the winners of the German Forest Science Award are still working successfully in science. The prizes were awarded to:

2000   Prof. Dr. Jörg Ewald TU München

2002   Prof. Dr. Annette Menzel TU München

2004   Dr. Martina Mund Universität Göttingen

2006   Prof. Dr. Ulrich Schraml Universität Freiburg

2008   Dr. Susanne Iost TU Dresden

2010   Dr. Stefanie Gärtner Universität Freiburg

2012   Prof. Dr. Dirk Schindler Universität Freiburg

2014   Prof. Dr. Susanne Jochner-Oette TU München

2016   Dr. Doreen Schmiedel TU Dresden

2018   Prof. Dr. Dominik Seidel Universität Göttingen

2021   Prof. Dr. Sebastian Seibold TU München

2023   Jun.-Prof. Dr. Kathrin Blumenstein Universität Freiburg


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The award winners
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The group at the network meeting of the Forest Science Award in Waiblingen.
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