Four million euros grant for social housing

The Eva Mayr-Stihl Foundation has announced funding of four million euros for publicly funded residential construction near the Waiblingen open-air swimming pool. The members of the local council have already agreed to accept the funding and expressed their thanks to the foundation. The administration was commissioned to initiate the planning for the apartments.

In close contact with those responsible in the city, the foundation looked for useful projects that go beyond the previous commitment with a focus on art and culture. A great need was identified in the area of ​​publicly subsidized living space. This amount now makes it possible to build a considerable number of publicly subsidized apartments.

25 apartments and an underground car park are planned, which will generate construction costs of five to six million euros. An application from the housing subsidy program is submitted to the state, which reduces the city's share accordingly.

Mayor Andreas Hesky thanked the foundation with the words: “The repeatedly generous subsidies - be it in the cultural, artistic or social area - have contributed to raising the profile of the city in recent years. Waiblingen can now count on another enormously high amount - an important addition to a policy area that is in focus - housing construction."

The housing construction that became possible in connection with the development of the daycare center on Schorndorfer Strasse should be tackled immediately so that the amount can be invested as quickly as possible. The development plan procedure showed that a residential building with an area of ​​around 1,500 square meters would be possible. In autumn 2021, the first plans for the residential building are to be presented to the municipal council and further resolutions are to be brought about.