Funds from the Corona funding initiative are distributed

In order to preserve the varied cultural life of the city of Waiblingen beyond the times of Corona, the Eva Mayr-Stihl Foundation and the city decided to make a total of 200,000 euros available to clubs and associations of Waiblingen in a corona funding initiative.

The procedure for applying for funds was simple: the clubs and associations had to fill out a form from the city until June 19. In addition to the contact and bank details, the clubs had to fill in the number of members and make estimates of the financial burden due to the Corona crisis. The funds should be distributed as quickly and unbureaucratically as possible. All 66 applications submitted on time could be considered.


"On the one hand, we wanted to preserve cultural life in Waiblingen with this initiative," Michael von Winning, in the Foundation Head of Programs and Strategy, explaines the procedure. “On the other hand, this should also express our appreciation of volunteer work in Waiblingen. Therefore, there is a basic amount of 1,000 euros for every club that has submitted an application. "

The base amount goes hand in hand with a cap at the other end of the scale. A maximum of 10,000 euros will be paid to individual clubs. The amount depends on the number of members and the amount of funding requested. "We took into account that the number of members in sports clubs is typically significantly higher than, for example, in cultural clubs," explains Thomas Vuk, Head of the Culture and Sports Department of the City of Waiblingen. Therefore, an amount of 12 euros per club member was set for sports clubs, for all other clubs it is 17 euros. The pot of 200,000 euros is thus exhausted.

"It was important to us to find criteria that would enable fast and unbureaucratic support," says Alexander Burghartswieser, Managing Director of the foundation, "because the effects of the Corona crisis will only be objectively comprehensible next year. The amount is intended to alleviate the damage a little, while at the same time recognizing the efforts made by the volunteers of the clubs in these complicated times. ”
Yesterday the committee for economy, culture and sport of the local council Waiblingen was informed about the planned distribution of the funds. As of today, they should be transferred to the clubs and associations so that, ideally, the payments are completed before the summer holidays.