Having children is not a child's play

Giving birth without a midwife – most women cannot imagine that. More and more often, however, pregnant women fail to get help from a midwife after the birth. That's why pro familia Waiblingen has launched a new project in cooperation with the KARO family center: "Midwife in KARO" starts on August 1st.

Dr Agnes Perjesi, head of the pro familia counseling center in Waiblingen, explains the need: "Studies have shown that many women have not found a midwife to look after them beyond the childbirth preparation course - i.e. in situations that really require help after the birth and postpartum period. It is even more difficult for socially disadvantaged women or people with little knowledge of German to find a midwife. This is exactly where our project in Waiblingen should help.”

"Midwife in KARO" would like to offer pregnant women "first aid" by a midwife in a low-threshold form. Care options for pregnant women without a midwife are to be found together with colleagues. If necessary, contact can be made with family midwives, early help or further advice and other help offers. In the future, a room will also be made available for cooperating midwives so that they can provide some midwifery services directly on site at KARO.

"Pregnant women cannot postpone their check-up appointments, needs and worries without restrictions: the child will be born at some point," Perjesi continues. "The "Midwife in KARO" project has set itself the goal of improving the conditions for pregnant women and young mothers on a small, local scale so that the urgently needed help from the health and help systems gets to where it is most needed."

The Eva Mayr-Stihl Foundation supports the project with 60,000 euros over three years. “So far in Waiblingen we have mainly concentrated on our funding priority art & culture. The idea of ​​“midwives at KARO” goes well with our funding focus on medicine. With our funding, we want to support needy women and families who need specific help in an exceptional physical and psychological situation,” says Michael von Winning, board member of the Eva Mayr-Stihl Foundation.

pro familia Waiblingen e.V. has firmly established itself as a recognized pregnancy counseling center in the social structure of the city of Waiblingen. In the centrally located KARO family center, advice is offered both on site and online or by telephone. One of the focal points is the support of pregnant women and families in the early stages of parenthood. The advice center is also an independent provider of child and youth welfare and coordinates the work of family midwives in the Rems-Murr district.


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The midwife at KARO: Bettina Wittkowski
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Bettina Wittkowski, state-certified midwife since 1998 and employed at pro familia as head of strength courses since 2017, is happy about the new area of responsibility.
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