Hospital walk makes patients move

In order to make patients move more and thereby support the recovery process during their stay in hospital, the Klinikum Stuttgart has opened a special clinic walk. At various stations, spread out on different floors, works of art and posters were produced especially for the hospital, including works by the well-known cabaret artist Dr. med. Eckart von Hirschhausen. At the Olgahospital, the children's clinic of the Klinikum Stuttgart, the little patients can discover exciting places on another clinic walk that is tailored to their needs.

The special feature of the clinic walk of the Klinikum Stuttgart is that the subject of "hope" moves through all stages of the walk. Patients receive an information leaflet at their stations and can go on their well-marked walk either alone or in company. The various stations of the walk approach the topic of hope from very different perspectives.

The project "Hopeful Walk" was largely initiated by nurses at the Klinikum Stuttgart. Oliver Hommel, Director of Nursing at the Klinikum Stuttgart, is pleased: "With simple means we create a huge benefit for our patients. Anyone who moves again - even for a short time - after a medical procedure prevents a thrombosis or a delirium. In addition, the walk brings variety in the daily routine of the clinic."

The unique concept was developed with scientific support and will be evaluated in the future. The clinic walks in the Katharinenhospital and Bad Cannstatt hospitals were supported by the Eva Mayr-Stihl Foundation.

While elderly patients should be encouraged to exercise more, the objective of the walk in the Olga Hospital, the Children's Clinic of the Stuttgart Hospital, is to offer the young patients an exciting and enjoyable occupation. At various stages of the walk, which was largely financed by the Olgäle Foundation, children can become creative and, for example, invent their own stories on colorful wall paintings. Anyone who completes all stations will receive a small reward in the library of Olga Hospital.

Source: Press release of Klinikum Stuttgart


Press release photographs
Walk around the hospital makes patients move
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Sylvia Schadt, Deputy Director of Nursing in the Center for Internal Medicine, explains the first stop of the "hopeful walk".
The clinic walk is supposed to trigger positive thoughts.
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The clinic walk is supposed to trigger positive thoughts.