"Man on Seahorse": New Balkenhol Sculpture for Waiblingen

The Eva Mayr-Stihl Foundation is donating a new work of art to the city of Waiblingen on the occasion of the 10th anniversary of the gallery. The figure "Man on Seahorse" by Stephan Balkenhol, one of Germany's most internationally renowned artists, was presented to the city of Waiblingen today. Robert Mayr, board member of the foundation, unveiled the artwork together with the artist Stephan Balkenhol and Mayor Andreas Hesky. The final location will be a buoy in the Rems at the level of the gallery - Balkenhol himself described it as "equestrian statue on the water". Eva Mayr-Stihl explained the donation with her deep attachment to Waiblingen and said: "This work of art should be something very special and emphasize the connection between city and river. Prof. Balkenhol has done both exceptionally well - and I thank him very much. "


"With this artwork, the Eva Mayr-Stihl Foundation elevates the Rems to a place of art and culture. The grandiose work of Stephan Balkenhol will be an eye-catcher. It is another piece of the mosaic in the cultural profile of the city of Waiblingen, which has received important impulses from the Eva Mayr-Stihl Foundation for many years and is supported by it. The artwork is just right for the Remstalgartenschau 2019 and is already today an impressive and extremely successful ambassador, which awakens the anticipation", said Mayor Hesky in his acceptance speech.


The man on the seahorse turns his gaze to the gallery Stihl Waiblingen. A fabulous water creature from the Rems looks at the ensemble of gallery and art school. It creates a connection between river and city. The figure itself has a height of 3.60 meters, in addition, the buoy protrudes about 50 inches from the water. The total weight of figure and buoy is about 3,500 kilograms. This is the artist's largest floating work. The buoy is attached to two concrete anchors, each weighing around 10 tons, which will be sunk onto the floor of the Rems.


Balkenhol likes to place his works in unusual locations in public urban space. His figures show no clearly recognizable emotions. This allows the viewer to reflect their own feelings, wishes and hopes.

For further information as well as photos and a time-lapse-video please visit: http://www.eva-mayr-stihl-stiftung.de/en/areas-funding/art-culture/balkenhols-man-seahorse


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The artist Stephan Balkenhol, Eva Mayr-Stihl and her husband Robert Mayr - and Waiblingen's mayor Hesky.
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From left to right: The artist Prof. Stephan Balkenhol with Eva Mayr-Stihl, Robert Mayr and Waiblingen's mayor Andreas Hesky at the presentation of the new sculpture.