Support of Palliative Medicine in the Marienhospital

Relief, where healing is no longer possible - that is the motivation of the two palliative care units of the Marienhospital in Stuttgart. In addition to medical care for pain and symptom relief, individual and holistic care as well as therapy and support in a pleasant atmosphere play an important role. Together with the professional care the competent medical care plays an important role.

With the support of the Eva Mayr-Stihl Foundation, the patient rooms are being renovated and equipped with additional inventory. Christoph Stöcker, head of the Palliative Support Association of the Marienhospital, explains: "We wish for a comfortable stay and atmospherically pleasant opportunities to get together with patients, relatives, nurses and doctors. Modern media technology, more space and light, a warm and friendly color scheme as well as high-quality wood-effect floor coverings ensure a comfortable and pleasantly calm atmosphere everywhere, which can contribute to the psychological stabilization of patients and relatives. "

Since 1992, the Marienhospital Stuttgart has continuously expanded its palliative care department - today two wards with ten beds each. Thus, the hospital has the most efficient care structure in this area in Baden-Württemberg. The treatment concept is based on the individual medical and human needs of patients and their relatives.


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Palliative care Marienhospital
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The palliative care at the Marienhospital aims to provide a comfortable stay and atmospherically pleasant meeting opportunities for patients, relatives, nurses and doctors.