Topping-out ceremony at the Stuttgart Clinic

Stuttgart/Waiblingen, Aug 4, 2022

Strengthening cancer medicine in the state capital
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In the new building of the Stuttgart Cancer Center - Eva Mayr-Stihl Tumor Center (SCC), from the beginning of 2024, the Stuttgart Clinic will bundle the expertise for the treatment of around 11,000 newly diagnosed cancer patients every year.

Just one year after the foundation stone was laid for the new Stuttgart Cancer Center – Eva Mayr-Stihl Tumor Center (SCC) at the Mitte location of the Stuttgart Clinic, the topping-out ceremony was celebrated today. From the beginning of 2024, Klinikum Stuttgart will pool expertise for the treatment of around 11,000 newly diagnosed cancer patients every year.

Stations and extensions for nuclear medicine, radiation therapy, large diagnostic equipment, specialized contact points for tumor diseases and an oncological day clinic will move into the building with an area of more than 14,000 square meters. At the topping-out ceremony, Baden-Württemberg Minister of Social Affairs Manne Lucha praised the cross-sectoral approach to cancer treatment that is reflected in the building: “Outpatient and inpatient care are directly intertwined. The future belongs to this approach. This is tailored to the needs of the patients and makes a lot of medical sense."

Interdisciplinary teams of oncologists, surgeons, radiotherapists, nuclear medicine specialists, psychologists, physiotherapists, molecular geneticists and newly established patient guides work together with the patient to coordinate the best possible, individually tailored therapy. The Klinikum Stuttgart wants to put the building into operation as early as 2024. Stuttgart's hospital mayor Thomas Fuhrmann praises the construction progress: "We are right on schedule and thanks to good awarding processes we are on the right track - despite all the uncertainties in the supply chains in turbulent times". built the television tower or the Liederhalle. The cost planning for the new building envisages a total budget of around 95 million euros.

The new building is part of a comprehensive renewal process at the Mitte location of the Stuttgart Clinic. The head of the Klinikum Stuttgart, Prof. Jan Steffen Jürgensen, explains: “The treatment of complex diseases such as cancer in certified, interdisciplinary centers such as the Klinikum Stuttgart demonstrably leads to significantly better results and higher survival rates. The new building of our Stuttgart Cancer Center - Tumor Center Eva Mayr-Stihl is a milestone in expanding the interdisciplinary care of our patients. The Eva Mayr-Stihl Foundation has made a major contribution to this with generous and reliable support. It enables extraordinary achievements in personalized medicine and successful cancer therapy at the Klinikum Stuttgart.”

Thanks to the foundation, one of the most powerful devices in the field of molecular genetic analysis could be purchased. The sequencer enables a complete analysis of numerous tumor genomes in parallel within just 48 hours and thus makes a significant contribution to making patient treatment even more individual with the help of personalized medicine. At the topping-out ceremony, the board member of the Eva Mayr-Stihl Foundation, Robert Mayr, said: "The Stuttgart Cancer Center - Tumor Center Eva Mayr-Stihl was very important to my recently deceased wife. I am pleased that with the new building it will find a very visible place where the comprehensive offers for cancer therapy can be reached in one place.”


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Topping-out ceremony at the Stuttgart Clinic
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From left: Zimmermann from Epple, Dr. Alexander Hewer (Commercial Director of the Stuttgart Clinic), Robert Mayr (Eva Mayr-Stihl Foundation), Heico Zirkel (CEO Epple), Muhterem Aras (Member of the Landtag), Manne Lucha (Member of the Landtag, Minister of Social Affairs), Prof. Dr. Jan Steffen Jürgensen (Med. Director, Klinikum Stuttgart), Thomas Fuhrmann (Hospital Mayor), Oliver Hommel (Nursing Director), Marlis Oral (Ward Manager) Klinikum Stuttgart / Tom Koenig
(c) Klinikum Stuttgart/Tom König